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Faisalabad Fabric Store has been one of the top leading and yet the distinguished names in the list of the Pakistan embroidered lawn suits and cotton lawn dress fabric manufacturer. This Textile has been involved in serving the women with the finest collections in terms of printed and embroidered lawn suits in the summer since the 1980s. Faisalabad Fabric Store offers a main product line with the formal wear and casual wear collections along with the printed and embroidered designs in lawn/linen fabric.
Batik Embroidered is the two-piece lawn suiting collections. This lawn collection has been revealed out with the two-piece suits that include embroidered lawn shirt& trendy printed trousers.
Designs and Pricing
Batik lawn embroidered suits collection is out with 20 lovely designs having two attractive colors in each design. It is based on top quality 80×80 cotton lawn fabric. Batik Embroidered comes with a color loss and fades warranty. 
It is priced at 1660PKR on retail while customers can get additional discounts up to 300PKR by purchasing an Economy pack of two batiks Embroidered lawn Suits. 

Faisalabad Fabric Store is the manufacturer of wholesale Pakistani embroidered suits with quality embroidery and the Best source of getting wholesale lawn fabric in Pakistan. Batik Embroidered lawn dresses have been finished with the embroidery whereas the trousers have been completed with really a heart touching printed designs with solid color dying. In this article, we will give away a few pictures of the latest collection by Faisalabad Fabric Store. Faisalabad Fabric Store also sells Pakistani embroidered suits online.
Batik, Sohni, and Mazaj lawn collection online shopping are the brands of Faisalabad Fabric Store that are very famous clothing brands. Batik and Sohni lawn are popular, their suits are cherished and purchased nationally as well as internationally. Mazaj designer lawn online shopping by shirjeel is now available. Trendy colors, charming prints, and gorgeous embroidery on high-quality fabric are all Faisalabad Fabric Store trades which is also the reason customers find their brands reliable.
Faisalabad Fabric Store presents new dresses under multiple volumes of its brands in every season for online shopping of lawn suits. These suits always have unique and distinct embroidery. Their quality can be compared with famous designer suits like Sana safinazAsim JofaMaria b. Designer suits are costly because they are associated with top designers however there fabric is not much different from fabric manufactured by Faisalabad Fabric Store for its multiple brands.  You can buy Faisalabad Fabric Store dresses in wholesale and retail from their cotton lawn shop online

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