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Sourcing Agents OF Home Textile & Hospital Along with hotel linen

Asian fashion is a fabric sourcing company and famous in the word due to durability of fabric. We have our valued clients from UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia in the wholesale and retail market. We are the reliable sourcing agent and fulfill the all-production parameters from your vendors at the distance.

Faisalabadfabricstore.com is the best buying agents for home textiles from roll & tube fabric to made ups related to textile industry either related to home textile, Kitchen textile, Garments both in woven & non-woven items.

Previously We are ethically sourced cotton fabric for clothing line or cloth related made ups like Bed Sets, Duvet Sets, Sheet Sets, Comforter Sets, Quilt Covers, Curtains, pronated & Dyed Fabrics, table cloths, Kitchen Towels, Napkins, Aprons, Health Care & Woven Garments.

Due to the fallowing good motives, we are in the list of top trending global sourcing agents in the textile and apparel industry

  • We are capable agents in the field of garments sourcing either weaved to Knitted
  • We attentive about the best textile manufacturers in all the fields of Bed Sets, Duvet Sets, Sheet Sets, Comforter Sets, Quilt Covers, Curtains, Pronated & Dyed Fabrics, table cloths, Kitchen Towels, Napkins, Aprons, Health Care & Woven Garments.
  • Not only that, but we have a team of textile engineers, those who understand the production parameter & quality for our valued clients.
  • Our commissions as sourcing agent are very appropriate as per our job performance as the representative.


Sourcing Agents of Apparel Industry

Asian fashion has the Garments & apparel sourcing experts placed in Pakistan with fully equipped of knowledge and unfailing team those who are specialists in the field of garments industry familiar with the international level of the garments standard form knitting, cutting, making & packing.

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Why we are the best the sourcing agent of your apparel & Garments

  • Due to experience: The most important is that we are experience in the field of the Garments/ apparel sourcing
  • Standard fabric quality: We are the best knowledgeable people from where to get the knitted. Dyed fabric to making as per the standard of our valued clients
  • Fashion Trends: We are perfect in fashionable garments as well as denim pants, hoodies, Tees manufacturing by using the best accessories like zippers, buttons, colors ribs etc
  • Professional Team: Our expert’s team which consists upon the Garments engineers will strictly fallow up the instruction of our valued client from Cut to pack
  • Responsible Source agent: We take all the responsibility of the quality measure, stitching quality, sizes, packing

So, you can select us as the source agent in Pakistan for your Garments items Casual shirts, polo’s, round neck t-shirts both for the ladies & gents, gents & ladies undergarments, Hoodies, tracksuits & all sorts of sports wears, all kind of shorts either in fabric or knitted form of all kind of blending fabrications and all sorts of GSM as per our valued clients’ requirements sizes packing etc.

Quality Assurance:

We ensure to you that quality assurance is our main responsibility. All parameter of quality assurance is fulfilled by us. Our clients of home textile, apparels and garments are satisfied with durability of fabrics. The quality of fabric here is prevailing and remarkable.

Asian fashion is one of the best for quality and reliability of fabrics if you want to get the wholesale clothing in stitched/unstitched or ready-made form in UK, USA, Canada or anywhere in the world.

We are gold suppliers on Alibaba.com. So, this shows the confidence of our products quality is 100%. We only deal with those industries who are authorized and certified from OE KO TEX and ISO.

Social Responsibility:

We have contract with those brands who are work untiringly to promote their positive image. They are leaving a positive impact by performing their social responsibility. Their main social responsibility is the practice of sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

They are executing local labor laws as well as required international retailers code of conducts,

  • Free transport for employees
  • free food facilities for employees
  • free house and medical treatment
  • special funds for the needy persons.
  • They use their budget is set aside for a plantation in the areas where land is unused.

 Target Time:

Asian fashion sourcing agent promises to you that we deal with those clothing industries who have trained and professional staff that cleared the declines of our clients.

They also have a stitching unit where they prepare designer dresses on customer demand with required time.

We parcel our products to our clients with the best cargo services, and they are satisfied with Asian fashion.

Satisfied Clients:

Asian fashion is the best online buying agents for home textiles, apparels & garments. We have satisfied clients because we facilitate them a good quality of fabrics in home textiles, apparels and garments with reasonable price and deadlines. That’s why they call us regularly for more unique products.

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– -Contact Us Over WhatsApp +923326892363 OR Email us at saadlovly@gmail.com – –

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